Can Tim Tebow Keep Tony Sparano Out of Shark Infested Waters?

The Jets are pretty adamant that Mark Sanchez is their starting quarterback.  The reports out of OTA’s have Sanchez outplaying Tim Tebow.  Stop me if you have heard this before.  Last year in Denver Kyle Orton was proclaimed the starting quarterback.  Last year in Denver it was reported that Tebow was outplayed by Orton and Brady Quinn, making him the third best quarterback for the Broncos.  The third best quarterback out of training camp, lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in-route.  Last year Mark Sanchez had 32 touchdowns and turned the ball over 26 times.  Sanchez threw the ball an incredulous 59 times in one game.  At the end of last season, Mark Sanchez could not manage his huddle or Santonio Holmes.  The Jets finished 25th in overall total offense and missed the playoffs.  Before the end of the season the Jets smelled the ocean water and heard Quint whisper, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”  And so exit Brian Schottenheimer enter Tony Sparano.

Tony Sparano is now the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets.  What he brings to New York is a no-nonsense attitude, multiple years of experience, clout as an offensive line coach, and a reputation as the installer of the Wildcat.  What he doesn’t bring is experience as an offensive play caller, although he did call plays for the Dallas Cowboys in 2006.  Sparano will now be calling plays for the Jets.  The Jets who are looking to reestablish a ground and pound sort of mentality.  Who does this favor, Sanchez or Tebow?  On the surface it seems to favor Tebow?  Tim Tebow who is a non-traditional quarterback, can certainly run the ball.  In the last 12 games in which Tebow played quarterback the Broncos averaged 109.5 yards per game.  In the first four games, in which Tebow did not play,  the Broncos averaged 86.8 yards per game.  Put Tebow in the offense and it is an automatic threat for a wildcat type of play?  I see shark fins.  Tebow’s stats for passing were 12 touchdowns and six interceptions.  “That’s some bad hat Harry”.

Mark Sanchez is productive as a Jet when he has a solid run game to help open up passing lanes.  Although Shonn Greene ran for a career high 1,064 yards and six touchdowns last year, the Jets managed only three plays of 40 yards.  Like Sparano, Sanchez needs a power running game that is complimented by play-action.  Sanchez has the better arm, better accuracy and is better at reading defenses, which is better suited for the play-action.  So who do you rely on for your fantasy draft?

The Jets do not have a running back that is consistent on catching passes out of the backfield.  Shonn Greene has not proven he can be counted on to protect the pass or receive the ball out of the backfield.  Terrance Ganaway the 5’11″, 241 pound rookie out of Baylor rushed for 1,547 yards and 21 touchdowns his senior year, but was not reliable catching passes out of the backfield.  Enter Joe McKnight, who is working to prove himself as more than a special teams player.  McKnight has breakaway speed and is dangerous in the open field.  Tim Tebow as a quarterback will cause Sparano to need a bigger boat.  You hate to count Tebow out, fantasy is not reality, in fantasy land he is a gamer.  Not a first round gamer, but you know when he gets in he is going to be worth fantasy points. Last year the Dolphins had their first 1,000 yard rusher and 1,000 yard receiver.  Sparano wasn’t calling the plays but he can still bring the formula with him to New York.  There is no reason Sanchez can’t rely on Shonn Greene to run the ball and Joe McKnight, and Tim Tebow out of the backfield.  Santonio Holmes needs to grab that harpoon and start firing away.  He should come away this season looking like the superstar he thinks he is.  Sparano is surrounded with talent.  If the Jets can get out of their own way and Tebowmania doesn’t rear its ugly head, then Sparano will be whistling, “Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women.”


2 thoughts on “Can Tim Tebow Keep Tony Sparano Out of Shark Infested Waters?

  1. Since the Jets signed Tebow, I’ve been saying that he’d best help them at TE. Sanchez lacks targets, particularly sane ones, and Tebow would present them with a receiving threat at TE that they haven’t had in forever.

    Don’t let his contract extension fool you. Jets mgmt does not have much confidence in their QB1 and Sanchez will be under the gun to perform with not a heckofalot of his contract guaranteed in future years.

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